Consultation for your bespoke song

Consultation for your bespoke song

First of all let's get to know you both!

To enable me to write your bespoke song I would love to hear about your amazing journey that you and your partner have had! 

Here, you can be as gushy as you like! Tell me how you feel about your special person, experiences you have had and even what annoys you (but you secretly love!) about them. This helps me get to know you and your partner to make the song as personal as I can.

If you prefer to both have a surprise until your Wedding day itself and have your own vows to each other,  then I can get you both to send over these separately, incorporate these into your song and keep the song a surprise until the big day! However we can do what ever you feel best!  

Alternatively I can always send over the draft version (before professional recording) to give you an idea if you prefer!

I will also need to know the song style you would like, if you would like a more upbeat vibe or a slow and romantic song.

Please email over your story to: 

I can't wait to hear your love stories! Any questions just ask!